The Magician’s Gift

While searching for the God, on his sacred land, all that I could find were the magicians. One of them explained me their tricks, perhaps something that even the God can’t do, they claimed.

As I entered inside, the crowd drifted me towards one of the shrines. I joined the queue where devotees were waiting for their turn to obtain the God’s blessings. When I confronted the statue, all I could see was brocade, covering the expensive metals structured as a human, decorated with expensive gems reflecting the light to all over the cella.

‘Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!”

I attuned all my emotions and questions with this hymn and placed them before Krishna but all I received was unsatisfied curiosity. How a man-made creation would answer me about the creator of man?.

Thousands of worshippers dressed differently and hundreds of flags on the top point (Kalash) act like a frame to this amber painted temple land. Amidst the claps, beating drums, loud hymns and the people circling around the temple, I had a glimpse of this magician or Pandit who was wearing saffron cloth; its one end was tied around his waist and other was placed behind the back, crossing his chest. It wasn’t more than a minute when this Pandit was standing next to me holding my palm and studying my future.

He told me that he knows a trick that can cure all my problems and fulfill my wishes.

“But for that, we have God?” I asked innocently to which he answered, “God can’t look after everyone and so we are here for that. You just need to pay whatever amount you wish and then we will do the chants to send your message to him.”

“OK! But he won’t ask me to pay him to fulfill my wishes?” He looked at me in disguise, pushed me aside and made his way to other devotees.

But unknowingly the magicians gave me the answer. We use God as a medium to satisfy our greed and overcoming our fear, someone whom we can ask for our wants and someone who could save us. But all I learned that true god doesn’t lie inside any statues but within us. Salvation is something that one can only achieve if he takes responsibility for his every emotion rather than burdening it down on the God, toils for his goals and controls his avarice.

At Dwarkadhish temple, at a place of immortal belief, these mortal men claim to give life to my every wish. My wish has existence because of me and so my God. And if this story reaches everyone, my wish will be fulfilled and it will be my one step towards my salvation.

Love made after magnum

The drunken eyes were charged with lust

The Magnum had induced an effect on us

The kiss with the wine lips developed a moon inside my heart.

It rendered the fulfillment of seven lives’ thirst


I emancipated my soul and imprisoned myself in her arms.

I felt animating vibes as my heartbeat gets calm

A hazy view of paradise appeared in wicket charm.

Liquor effect is short-living but the one I experienced last night healed my every harm.


I remember the last view of that stranger’s face

It was exhausted but still abandoned by stress

When I woke up into the real world

The strange had already left without any word


The air was filled a melodious thrum

Surely, I will never forget this love made after magnum

The story of story makers: Let’s have a look on TVF’s journey

When we all were bored of TV shows and thirst of entertainment seemed everlasting, TVF emerged as a savior of Indian Entertainment. If you are an Indian who doesn’t know about TVF then you must not be an internet user but you are reading my article that means you are Familiar with the online digital channel that has created shows which have rating higher than most of the Indian TV shows.

While we watch shows or videos, we praise the actors; sometimes particular scenes display efforts of cinematographer, story and their writer(s) get public attention they deserve but still the not all building blocks are appreciated. There are people who might be missing on screen but their work speaks.

Before TVF started, Arunabh Kumar was one of these silent artists. He is a graduate from IIT Kharakpur. He said it was his learning phase, a session in which he generated amazing ideas. Arunabh Kumar, how should we all thank you for the gift of TVF? Actually, not Arunabh, the credits goes to MTV who rejected Arunabh’s script. If they would have accepted it then could have lead to a different story.

‘Watch awesome shows and videos every week on TVFplay app and website because it’s not on TV, it’s on TVF.’

Arunabh disliked the thought that Indian TV shows are not focusing on quality of content but on quantity of their viewers which is actually true. TV channels only focus on particular part of total population and Bollywood works according to 50 people who decide what to show and what not to show so he created his own platform, Web Series became the new meaning of entertainment.  

During the starting phase of TVF, Biswapati Sarkar comes in picture and his show ‘barely speaking with Arnub’ was a big hit on youtube. After that both of these IITians together wrote the web series, Pitchers and story goes on. Amazing artists such as Sumeet Vyas, Jitendra kumar, Nidhi bisht joined TVF.

In recent times, mostly after TVF, web series became a trend but till now, not a single Indian web series matches the content TVF has. The reason behind this is that that TVF shows what is actually happening around us; especially you can call it a mirror of a youth’s life. The content is wrung out and has a relatable flow by which even you could connect your career, you relations, you love life and society’s impact on you. Who would not love to watch something and say,’Yar, esa toh mere sath bhi hua hai’.

The journey of web series started with ‘Tu beer hai, benchod’

Pitchers in which story runs around four friends who fight with the competitive world to start their own company lead according to the idea of one of them, Naveen. Arunabh kumar has also acted in this as Yogendra (Yogi). The first season ended with all 3 out of 4 four left jobless, a little lost but still motivated. Seems exciting na? Watch it fast before the 2nd season of Pitches releases hopefully in May 2017.

Well, things turned a little more romantic along with drama when youtube got boomed with Permanent Roommates.

The basic plot of a long distance couple is almost a story of every other unmarried Indian couple. The characters generated: Mikesh and Tanya built a chemistry which could be compared with Shahrukh and Kajol. Hence, you can call Sumeet Vyas, Shahrukh khan of world of web series. Two seasons are already on internet guys and third will be on your screens in the end of 2017.

‘Would you ever consider doing a road trip with your siblings?’

Tripling is the perfect family shows if your parents won’t mind enjoying a rich story about family relations along with some slangs. Trust me, slangs make content more natural. The story rolls around three siblings, Chandan, Chanchan and Chitwan who reach Manali (Amma’s place, their home) after facing lots of problem and in the end they learn that ‘Crisis k time toh fmily hi kaam aati hai’.

Do you ever feel neglected, that people underrate you and nobody values your work? Even I feel the same many times like when I write an article by putting my complete power in it which is like a Viagra but for imagination. Well, here our hero feels the same. Vipul Goyal who is a real life comedian act as a comedian in the Web series, Humorously Yours. If you need motivation in your life then watch it and yes, Kanan Gill’s guest appearance is my favorite part.

Do you wanna know what actually runs in your dad’s mind?

F.A.T.H.E.R.S, a recently launched Web series with small episodes of 13 minutes depicts the father son relationship in India in most humorous way.

No one can forget Qtiyapa, Landlord Vs Bachelors, Tech conversations with Dad, Chai Sutta Chronicles and talented artists, writers, actors who worked on it. These all are the Building blocks of TVF.

I wish someday I would be able work with these awesome people. They need scripts which has charming humor with a life changing hidden message. Creating so many wonderful shows is a blessing and I always think that how Arunabh set this image in his mind. It makes me feels like a collection which has all primary colors and many more new colors are going to be added.


Reaching to the Untouched Depth: – Son Doong Cave Expedition

Son Doong cave, located in the heart of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, 3rd biggest national park in Vietnam stretched 85,754 hectares is the biggest cave in the world whose path wasn’t invented before 2009 officially.

“I sat down with my back to a huge boulder. Then something strange happened. I heard the sound of a strong wind and running water coming from behind me.” These are the words of Ho Khanh who discoverer of Son Doong when he was trying to find some aloe at 20 km inside in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park; he accidently discovered the gigantic cave in 1991 but lost it for next 18 years.

What comes in your mind when you think about a cave? Bats all over the roof, Webs all over the walls, or darkness all over the cave? Well, this cave has more than that. Son Doong or the Mountain river cave derived its name because a subterranean river flowing inside it, whose source is still unknown. Not just a river but this cave has an underground lake, a forest of its own which is home of some rare species and also of some species which were never seen before. This all was only found when a team from British Cave Research Association met Ho Khanh and travelled back to the untouched world in 2009.


On 10th April 2009, after trekking 6 hours team lead by Howard and Deb Limber reached to entrance, dark and deep acting as a wormhole between two different universes which raise their hope of finding something outlandish. Descended down 240 ft, passed two river crossings, ascended and then descended again reaching to the first doline and then the bigger one. This dolines allows the sun to shine and generate life, the sun beams gets the credit for some exotic photographs which can only be taken here. Going further they faced a guarding wall, 80 m high which did not allowed them to travel any further. Later, this wall was named as ‘The Great Wall of Vietnam.’

After 2013 the tour company Oxalis started operating Son Doong expedition for everyone who is fit for 50 km trek in 5 days, crossing rivers several times and having a healthy body. The beauty inside the cave is something which cannot be explained in words. One of the world’s largest stalagmites and stalactites having a height of 80 m are found here. At wall, one can find huge cave pearls as big as a baseball or a cricket ball which would have taken thousands of years to form.Again in 2010, team returned with better equipments and strong commitments to defeat the stubborn wall. They succeeded this time but only to get disappointed as they expected the cave to be of bigger height on the other side of wall then what they had found on this side. The only thing they found on other side of wall is the other opening of the cave passage.  Still Son Doong was declared as the largest cave with a height of 200 m which is more than twice the height of statue of liberty, width of 150 m and has a passage of 5 miles long.

This cave not only provides you the opportunity to engulf yourself in its beauty but also provides a chance to enjoy a hearty welcome by people of minority village of Ban Doong who live inside the national park completely cut off from the outside world. Know there living styles, eating habits and have a cheerful stay with them.

 Still many mysteries are going to be unrevealed in the deeper sections of Son Doong are interconnected with 150 other caves waiting to be explored and to peel off their secrets. How thrilling it is to think that the first expedition took place a few years ago. It increases the probability of possibility that may be many more places are still unknown and untouched hiding themselves from the mankind.



Orphans, the unread messages

Love someone for whom love is an inexperienced emotion, in return the love you will receive will be completely selfless.’

I wonder that how these little birds grow on their own. Do they deserve the life they live? Life which has a wounded childhood, stress of being lonely with emotion of fear acts as acid on their soft hearts. It is always told to them that they were abandoned because they are unwanted and this leads to misery, inferiority complex and even depression sometimes at such an early stage of life when understanding of emotions is not even completely develop.

There are many taboos in India because of which these children suffer such as giving birth to a girl and leave her to die on the basis of her gender as birth of a girl child is still unwanted at many places, child before marriage is considered illegitimate even though the crime is not his and to avoid any kind of obloquy, his own family turns him into a orphan. Sometimes it also happens not because of taboos but because of the circumstances about which nothing could be done. They might have had gotten separated from their family, might have had a family but not alive now and what could be said about the people who lack money to nurture their kids. We can’t blame them and if anybody blames them then he should take the responsibility of that child.

“Well not my child so why should I take care of him?”

No crime is committed in the above statement but yes, a act which would not have harmed in anyway was not committed and whose reward could be a successful life of someone. This generates one more taboo in Indian society which if removed then other taboos will become ineffective however, even they should also be removed.

The taboo of not adopting a orphan by putting a tag of someone else’ sin and everyone around always prefer to have his own blood as his own child. My child! My son! My daughter! My blood! Why? What difference it will make if the child is not born from your womb? Only one that face won’t resemble to yours but it will make a big difference in his life. It will be like a lottery to him and the prize he gets is a far better life.

There are 140 million children in the world who are orphans out of which 20 million are in India. The main reason behind this is poverty as I had mentioned before. Among this 140 million children, many face death and many face torture and oppressions through crimes such as child trafficking, sexual exploitation, child labor, organ selling and I don’t know what else would be there and it could be stopped easily.

In India around 20 million people are infertile in India, if these people instead of using money on costly medicines and expensive treatment, use it in the welfare of 1 child then he will find the family and they will find someone whom they can call theirs, someone whom they could have their side whenever needed and someone who will assuage their thirst, if they call him their own.


India’s top 10 places for your Bachelor Trip!

Well, when life starts changing and parents begin their search for your ideal spouse, it’s your time to back your bags and get out before responsibilities get in to get you. Call it a last travel as a bachelor or a bachelor trip, gather your bachelor friends and create a memory which will be the souvenir that will remind you that these were one of your best days.


Goa tops the list! It lives in every bachelor’s mind because Goa means B3: booze, Beach and beauty! Especially at the time of New Year when music beats will lift you to sky and even Goa woops like it’s also drunk. I know that it sounds expensive, boozing, cruise and New Year Party but come on it’s your bachelor trip!

BIKE HIKE TO LEH AND LADAKH: A drive on Marsimik La

Everyone knows about this and the people who have Royal Enfield are already excited. This tour is for bike lovers. Discovering mountains is the best way to say goodbye to your bachelorhood. Camp in the valleys, sing the songs and remember about the good memories you have made with your buddies. If I talk about Marsikim La, it is highest moterable pass, 96 km away from Leh (please note: Khardung La is consider wrongly as highest road and many tour companies operate the trip to Khardung La). The tours generally starts from Delhi.

RAFTING IN RISHIKESH: Where adventure comes with spirituality

Rishikesh is a part of ’Chaar Dhaam Yatra’ and it is also well known for its rafting adventure. Here, just pray to god to keep you alive, move up to Bhagirathi River and Raft down 150 km with feelings of fear and joy accompanied by slangs which actually make this trip special with your cronies.

LET’S RELAX IN UDAIPUR: Heritage hotels and lake view

Udaipur is actually known as honeymoon destination but who says that on your bachelor trip, you can’t please yourself with royal services and calming effect of lake. Boating in evenings in lake Pichola decorated with the reflection of Palace Lights and after that drinking with background music of genre sufi or ghazal while enjoy company of your best buddies.

A TRADITIONAL NIGHT IN JAISALMER: A sleep among sand dunes

What? Traditional night? With friends? Well guys, just trust me it is not like what you must be thinking. Jaisalmer have tried its best to preserve and has kept Rajasthan’s treasure of tradition alive. A camel safari overlook the sea of sand with evening sunset, Traditional dance shows which would be the soul of your trip and next day dune bashing to discover Thar. I think it’s the most contenful trip that a group could do in 2 days.

SKYDIVING IN MYSORE: Bhai mai udd raha hu!

Mysore provides the best skydiving location with breathtaking scenic views of Chamundi Hills. You all can dive one after another or can do tandem skydiving with one buddy! The freefall and the scream, the experience when you finally fly with your friends which is not just an effect of weed but reality.

WATER SPORTS AT ANDAMAN: bhai mai dub raha hu!

Do you still remember when you were a teenager and your best friends threw you in water at pool parties, now it’s the time to take revenge and on a bigger scale. Water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing and many more will build a memory filled of thrilling experiences and best photographs.

CAVING IN MEGHALAYA: let’s see what’s inside!

Caving is an adventure sport that has not developed much in India yet. If you want to do something thrilling and unexplored then this is your call. It may not look like a bachelor trip to live in cave for 10 days but one view of these caves will make you familiar with its riches.

BENGALURU’S NIGHT LIFE: let’s get drunk

Bengaluru has a youthful crowd and because of this many clubs have been opened in recent years. Well, if it’s your bachelor trip then you deserve to have the best shots and dance on the music of best DJS. Apart from this if you want to make your way to other destinations as Nanda Hills and Croog, they are near to this city.

GET CHILLS IN KODAIKANAL LITERALLY: Submerge in the Gift of Forest

Kodaikanal is the best hill station with exotic touch of South India. Well, this bachelor trip will never go wrong if all among your squad loves nature. If you wish to learn more about this place then have a look on article written by Pragya Arya, A Place Worth Second Trip: Kodaikanal.

Gadgets which will make your long distance relationship, long lasting

Relationships are so pleasing until it doesn’t become a long distance. After that no match in timings, misunderstandings and fear of losing your partner take place of quality time you both used to have, the trust and the bond you share. But why let this physical distance allow creating a distance between hearts? Practically people end the relationships as it is hard to work out and nobody wants to experience the suffering which they might face after long distance. It is told that human emotions are depleting with time but science is working hard to prove it untrue. There are many gadgets which science has developed, which will make you long distance relationship, long lasting.

Just move your lips with Kissenger

This is a kissing device for people who are in long distance. It transmits your lips movement to another kissenger, record their response and send it back to you.

Stay connected even while you both sleep: Pillow talk

Pillow talk is one of the most innovative gadgets, used simple presence of mind to create such connecting gadget. They inform you whenever your partner goes to sleep as the wrist ring which comes with pillow talk starts glowing. When you press your ear against your pillow, you can also hear your partner’s heartbeat.

Hug shirt

This shirt allows you to hug anyone you want, anywhere in the world. This shirt gets connected with your phone and whenever anybody send you a virtual hug, it replicates its pressure, heartbeat and warmth.


Lovense is a gadget which has made long distance sex possible. It comes in pair and obviously one is for male partner and another for female. They are actually, sex toys which record the response of the partner’s sex toy and provide motion according to it.

Distance relationship lamps

There are many different kinds of simple technologies which are used in this kind of lamp. It glows whenever it is touched by your partner and you can do the same. Instead if touch, some lamp have used the breathe to glow the lamp.

Bollywood Movies- Directing Towards Reality

We like the people who understand us but if they don’t, then we always have movies instead of them.’

Bollywood nowadays is not just about Simran and Raj, about fake actions, about love making and obviously not about the dance which has nothing good in it except the location. From 20s of 20th century to 20s of 21st century, if you try to sense the changes, you will know how much time have passed and it may make you feel old. Bollywood, it is story itself, a real one.

“Based on true story.”

Before a movie starts, this sentence could be found written our screens in many movies. If I talk about present year, in 2016 bollywood has taken a great turn towards reality based films, from Airlift to Neerja and Sarbjit to M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, all such movies have made a recognizable mark on not only on box office but also on audience’s heart.

The design of reality based films is not only about making a film which is inspired from any real which life incident or from anyone’s life but it can be also a film inspired from real life ideas and problems people face. Films like 3 Idiots, Wake Up Sid and recently launched film Dear Zindagi were appreciated a lot due to its relatable content. Think, whenever you watch a movie and find a prank which you did with your friend, you will laugh as hard as you can or may be twice hard than that, just because you were able to relate it with you. Just like laughter, every emotion comes out in its complete form when you are able to relate it with something. This makes movies more than just a source of entertainment; they become source of solutions of our problems, dilemmas and troubles. We watch then, we relate them, we apply the same thing in our lives and sometimes it works out.

Now the time has come to end the bollywood masala which was not letting good scripts and ideas of new genre to come up. Previously audience actually watch films according to actors and movies with well known actors became box office hits but as movies are moving towards reality, directors and producers have also started selecting people not because of their popularity and fan following but on the basis of the person who fits for the role. This provides talented but underrated artists to show their talents. Not just artists but also the writers and their scripts are nowadays placed where they should be and what they actually deserve. It can be easily predictable that in upcoming time bollywood movies will be even better then now if they work according to present philosophy of relatable movies.

Beautiful Village destinations in India: top 5

India has many exotic destinations of all kind. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches, desert and plains, all are unique featuring tourism in different ways. The main destination such as the cultural: Tamil Nadu, adventure: Uttranchal, party: Goa, honeymoon: Kashmir etc are well known all around the world but there are many unknown, beautiful, foxy places which are untouched by tourist. Village destinations are underated, may be because of less publicity. Well, today I would like to put these hidden destinations in front of you.

Take a route outside the world: Malana, Himachal Pradesh


This place is completely isolated from the rest of the world. The nearest place to reach by vehicle is Kasol and Naggar. From there you can reach Malana by doing a trek of 17 km. Here, you will not only be entertained by the exotic and splendid views of valley but you will also learn about traditions of Malana.

Engineering jungle of Mawlynnong, Megalaya


This place is for the tourists who want to have a close look of nature and its ability. It is situated at a distance of 73 km from Shillong near Bangaladesh border. The main attraction is Bridge of Living roots whose architects are 1000 years old trees. The Umterming Waterfall is also a side to behold. After this tired trek and doing a lot of adventures, you can return back to enjoy exotic local cuisines.

Have a look on Rajasthan’s history: Samode


Just call a cab at Jaipur and travel 42 km. You will be land which will bring you back in the old times of Marwadi era. The major attractions are Samode Palace and Camel safari. After this you can travel to Nawalgarh Shekhawati you can explore the architecture of Havelis and in evening enjoy the traditional folk music and dance.  

The beautiful fauna of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh


You will get a chance to discover the unique fauna of Talley Valley Wildlife sauntuary which is located at a distance of 30 km from Ziro. You should visit this place in the end of September month when Ziro Music Festival takes place. All visitors need a inner line permit which can be obtained here itself.

Nature and spirituality: Yana, Karnataka


It is located 40 km away from Sirsi which is 400 km away from Bengaluru. There is a cave in which you will find an idol of Goddess Parvati. It could be reach through a overhanging rock passage. You can set a camp near Vibhooti waterfalls and have a night under stars.

5 Mistakes a Content Writer Should Never Make

Content writing is an art of delivering information about any topic in such a way that it could attract people. Sometimes even if the topic is mundane and humdrum, writer could use his skills and his research power to make it fascinating, one which everyone would like to read.

Trusting data without verification

Whenever we research online about any topic, we come across various articles that have been already written on it and whenever we find any article which contains relevant information that we require, we got dragged towards it and simply apply that information in ours but we forget that even these articles are written by content writers like us and he would have made the same mistake which we are doing now. Well, applying wrong information not only brings disgrace but if this information passes on then we know that, ‘having no knowledge is better than having wrong knowledge.’ Information from different articles should be gathered and rechecked.

Repetition of similar sentences

Think if somebody asks you to eat same food daily or to wear same kind of clothes every day, you will get annoyed and bored and same happens with every repetitive task. Reading similar kind of lines, same sentence formation and use of same words will make your article looks dull even if you have a foxy title, required content and a brilliant start. Nobody is going to complete the journey of your article even if they started reading it enthusiastically. Using different styles of writing, use of active-passive, direct-indirect and synonyms will always make your reader feel that there is something new in every line.

Exaggeration of information

Writers exaggerate the article in this belief that it may make it more exciting but any kind of exaggeration, positive or negative is harmful as it makes your article appear to be fictitious and made up of artificial content. Sometimes exaggeration becomes a source of conveying wrong information even if the data is correct. Use of sentences which are not necessary should be avoided.

Grammatical errors

A big turn off! There are many error which could happen and should be avoided as much as you possible. People won’t read a article written by a writer who actually don’t know how to write. Yes, you will be definitely judged by your readers and one bad comment about your grammer… grammar* can make your writing career worse. The ways to excel in your grammar are to read as much as you can, analyze other articles, books and novels and learn from them, by rechecking your article, you may find bugs and then you will be glad that you rechecked.

Should not end a article with an incomplete tone

A conclusive ending is highly important. Readers would like to know that what you want to convey with your article. It is not poetry that you let it be open for interpretation and a complete ending is must. Complete endings are always effective and a good article is one which is most influencing. If you don’t provide it to your readers, you may not have any readers to read your article next time.