Bollywood Movies- Directing Towards Reality

We like the people who understand us but if they don’t, then we always have movies instead of them.’

Bollywood nowadays is not just about Simran and Raj, about fake actions, about love making and obviously not about the dance which has nothing good in it except the location. From 20s of 20th century to 20s of 21st century, if you try to sense the changes, you will know how much time have passed and it may make you feel old. Bollywood, it is story itself, a real one.

“Based on true story.”

Before a movie starts, this sentence could be found written our screens in many movies. If I talk about present year, in 2016 bollywood has taken a great turn towards reality based films, from Airlift to Neerja and Sarbjit to M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, all such movies have made a recognizable mark on not only on box office but also on audience’s heart.

The design of reality based films is not only about making a film which is inspired from any real which life incident or from anyone’s life but it can be also a film inspired from real life ideas and problems people face. Films like 3 Idiots, Wake Up Sid and recently launched film Dear Zindagi were appreciated a lot due to its relatable content. Think, whenever you watch a movie and find a prank which you did with your friend, you will laugh as hard as you can or may be twice hard than that, just because you were able to relate it with you. Just like laughter, every emotion comes out in its complete form when you are able to relate it with something. This makes movies more than just a source of entertainment; they become source of solutions of our problems, dilemmas and troubles. We watch then, we relate them, we apply the same thing in our lives and sometimes it works out.

Now the time has come to end the bollywood masala which was not letting good scripts and ideas of new genre to come up. Previously audience actually watch films according to actors and movies with well known actors became box office hits but as movies are moving towards reality, directors and producers have also started selecting people not because of their popularity and fan following but on the basis of the person who fits for the role. This provides talented but underrated artists to show their talents. Not just artists but also the writers and their scripts are nowadays placed where they should be and what they actually deserve. It can be easily predictable that in upcoming time bollywood movies will be even better then now if they work according to present philosophy of relatable movies.


Beautiful Village destinations in India: top 5

India has many exotic destinations of all kind. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches, desert and plains, all are unique featuring tourism in different ways. The main destination such as the cultural: Tamil Nadu, adventure: Uttranchal, party: Goa, honeymoon: Kashmir etc are well known all around the world but there are many unknown, beautiful, foxy places which are untouched by tourist. Village destinations are underated, may be because of less publicity. Well, today I would like to put these hidden destinations in front of you.

Take a route outside the world: Malana, Himachal Pradesh


This place is completely isolated from the rest of the world. The nearest place to reach by vehicle is Kasol and Naggar. From there you can reach Malana by doing a trek of 17 km. Here, you will not only be entertained by the exotic and splendid views of valley but you will also learn about traditions of Malana.

Engineering jungle of Mawlynnong, Megalaya


This place is for the tourists who want to have a close look of nature and its ability. It is situated at a distance of 73 km from Shillong near Bangaladesh border. The main attraction is Bridge of Living roots whose architects are 1000 years old trees. The Umterming Waterfall is also a side to behold. After this tired trek and doing a lot of adventures, you can return back to enjoy exotic local cuisines.

Have a look on Rajasthan’s history: Samode


Just call a cab at Jaipur and travel 42 km. You will be land which will bring you back in the old times of Marwadi era. The major attractions are Samode Palace and Camel safari. After this you can travel to Nawalgarh Shekhawati you can explore the architecture of Havelis and in evening enjoy the traditional folk music and dance.  

The beautiful fauna of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh


You will get a chance to discover the unique fauna of Talley Valley Wildlife sauntuary which is located at a distance of 30 km from Ziro. You should visit this place in the end of September month when Ziro Music Festival takes place. All visitors need a inner line permit which can be obtained here itself.

Nature and spirituality: Yana, Karnataka


It is located 40 km away from Sirsi which is 400 km away from Bengaluru. There is a cave in which you will find an idol of Goddess Parvati. It could be reach through a overhanging rock passage. You can set a camp near Vibhooti waterfalls and have a night under stars.

5 Mistakes a Content Writer Should Never Make

Content writing is an art of delivering information about any topic in such a way that it could attract people. Sometimes even if the topic is mundane and humdrum, writer could use his skills and his research power to make it fascinating, one which everyone would like to read.

Trusting data without verification

Whenever we research online about any topic, we come across various articles that have been already written on it and whenever we find any article which contains relevant information that we require, we got dragged towards it and simply apply that information in ours but we forget that even these articles are written by content writers like us and he would have made the same mistake which we are doing now. Well, applying wrong information not only brings disgrace but if this information passes on then we know that, ‘having no knowledge is better than having wrong knowledge.’ Information from different articles should be gathered and rechecked.

Repetition of similar sentences

Think if somebody asks you to eat same food daily or to wear same kind of clothes every day, you will get annoyed and bored and same happens with every repetitive task. Reading similar kind of lines, same sentence formation and use of same words will make your article looks dull even if you have a foxy title, required content and a brilliant start. Nobody is going to complete the journey of your article even if they started reading it enthusiastically. Using different styles of writing, use of active-passive, direct-indirect and synonyms will always make your reader feel that there is something new in every line.

Exaggeration of information

Writers exaggerate the article in this belief that it may make it more exciting but any kind of exaggeration, positive or negative is harmful as it makes your article appear to be fictitious and made up of artificial content. Sometimes exaggeration becomes a source of conveying wrong information even if the data is correct. Use of sentences which are not necessary should be avoided.

Grammatical errors

A big turn off! There are many error which could happen and should be avoided as much as you possible. People won’t read a article written by a writer who actually don’t know how to write. Yes, you will be definitely judged by your readers and one bad comment about your grammer… grammar* can make your writing career worse. The ways to excel in your grammar are to read as much as you can, analyze other articles, books and novels and learn from them, by rechecking your article, you may find bugs and then you will be glad that you rechecked.

Should not end a article with an incomplete tone

A conclusive ending is highly important. Readers would like to know that what you want to convey with your article. It is not poetry that you let it be open for interpretation and a complete ending is must. Complete endings are always effective and a good article is one which is most influencing. If you don’t provide it to your readers, you may not have any readers to read your article next time.



“I am a rape victim,” said a male voice

Whenever someone gets raped, we assume that the person is a female but we usually forget that these lustful ghosts could hunt anyone and make him/her a victim of humiliation and a horrifying act. In every country, the male rape cases actually hold a significant percentage. In USA, 1 out of every 10 rape victim is male, which means 10% which becomes a 100, if we talk about 1000 rape victims.

If I talk about India I just have few examples because in the society where female rape victims are considered disgrace, male victims would be not considered as a human being so like a female, when a male gets raped, he keeps the enormity of rape up to himself and never discloses it.

“How a man can be raped? Rape is something which only a man can do to a woman.”

With this mentality, how the culprit will be sentence even if the victim stands for his right and calls for justice. What if I tell you about the 16 years old boy who was sexually abused for 3 months by his friend’s mother. She dissolved a pill in his soft drink and made him unconscious, stripped him and recorded it. After that she called him regularly, abused him sexually for 3 months. Moreover, she claimed that she was pregnant and will accuse him for rape if told anyone. How ironical it is that she misused her own right and did crime from which that right was safeguarding her.

Do you need more proof?

The male helpline number 8882-498-498 has got above 70,000 calls in last 2 years regarding sexual and domestic violence.

There is another philosophy which runs around the world that a male rape victims are lucky. How? Well, they got sex and they got laid with a woman but remember it is more painful than the pleasure which people see in it. Someone forcing a vibrator inside butthole, beating and harassing, doing extortion and the victim helplessly do whatever asked. Do you still think that he is lucky?

Another big problem is this that there is a big loophole in our constitution; The Indian Penal Code has generalized it that rape is done by man, on a woman in section 375. Rape is not gender neutralized that means if a male gets raped by another male or female, rape charges can’t be applied and the person can do that crime with impunity. Vrinda Grover, a Delhi advocate quoted saying:  ‘Why should rape laws be gender-neutral? That would be making a mockery of what is actually happening in the country. There are no instances of women raping men.’ Not only Vrinda but many feminist NGOs and women organization are against it saying that it could cause complexities and misuse of law. Well, what about present scenario? It is still misused.

It is a long way to go when gender neutrality for rape cases will be introduced. Saving right of one gender by not providing rights to other is against the basic human right of equality. It could only be established again if he start considering the cases which are in front of us and then only, with time when male victims start believe that they will be benefited with justice, they will come forward and fights against this evil crime of rape.