The story of story makers: Let’s have a look on TVF’s journey

When we all were bored of TV shows and thirst of entertainment seemed everlasting, TVF emerged as a savior of Indian Entertainment. If you are an Indian who doesn’t know about TVF then you must not be an internet user but you are reading my article that means you are Familiar with the online digital channel that has created shows which have rating higher than most of the Indian TV shows.

While we watch shows or videos, we praise the actors; sometimes particular scenes display efforts of cinematographer, story and their writer(s) get public attention they deserve but still the not all building blocks are appreciated. There are people who might be missing on screen but their work speaks.

Before TVF started, Arunabh Kumar was one of these silent artists. He is a graduate from IIT Kharakpur. He said it was his learning phase, a session in which he generated amazing ideas. Arunabh Kumar, how should we all thank you for the gift of TVF? Actually, not Arunabh, the credits goes to MTV who rejected Arunabh’s script. If they would have accepted it then could have lead to a different story.

‘Watch awesome shows and videos every week on TVFplay app and website because it’s not on TV, it’s on TVF.’

Arunabh disliked the thought that Indian TV shows are not focusing on quality of content but on quantity of their viewers which is actually true. TV channels only focus on particular part of total population and Bollywood works according to 50 people who decide what to show and what not to show so he created his own platform, Web Series became the new meaning of entertainment.  

During the starting phase of TVF, Biswapati Sarkar comes in picture and his show ‘barely speaking with Arnub’ was a big hit on youtube. After that both of these IITians together wrote the web series, Pitchers and story goes on. Amazing artists such as Sumeet Vyas, Jitendra kumar, Nidhi bisht joined TVF.

In recent times, mostly after TVF, web series became a trend but till now, not a single Indian web series matches the content TVF has. The reason behind this is that that TVF shows what is actually happening around us; especially you can call it a mirror of a youth’s life. The content is wrung out and has a relatable flow by which even you could connect your career, you relations, you love life and society’s impact on you. Who would not love to watch something and say,’Yar, esa toh mere sath bhi hua hai’.

The journey of web series started with ‘Tu beer hai, benchod’

Pitchers in which story runs around four friends who fight with the competitive world to start their own company lead according to the idea of one of them, Naveen. Arunabh kumar has also acted in this as Yogendra (Yogi). The first season ended with all 3 out of 4 four left jobless, a little lost but still motivated. Seems exciting na? Watch it fast before the 2nd season of Pitches releases hopefully in May 2017.

Well, things turned a little more romantic along with drama when youtube got boomed with Permanent Roommates.

The basic plot of a long distance couple is almost a story of every other unmarried Indian couple. The characters generated: Mikesh and Tanya built a chemistry which could be compared with Shahrukh and Kajol. Hence, you can call Sumeet Vyas, Shahrukh khan of world of web series. Two seasons are already on internet guys and third will be on your screens in the end of 2017.

‘Would you ever consider doing a road trip with your siblings?’

Tripling is the perfect family shows if your parents won’t mind enjoying a rich story about family relations along with some slangs. Trust me, slangs make content more natural. The story rolls around three siblings, Chandan, Chanchan and Chitwan who reach Manali (Amma’s place, their home) after facing lots of problem and in the end they learn that ‘Crisis k time toh fmily hi kaam aati hai’.

Do you ever feel neglected, that people underrate you and nobody values your work? Even I feel the same many times like when I write an article by putting my complete power in it which is like a Viagra but for imagination. Well, here our hero feels the same. Vipul Goyal who is a real life comedian act as a comedian in the Web series, Humorously Yours. If you need motivation in your life then watch it and yes, Kanan Gill’s guest appearance is my favorite part.

Do you wanna know what actually runs in your dad’s mind?

F.A.T.H.E.R.S, a recently launched Web series with small episodes of 13 minutes depicts the father son relationship in India in most humorous way.

No one can forget Qtiyapa, Landlord Vs Bachelors, Tech conversations with Dad, Chai Sutta Chronicles and talented artists, writers, actors who worked on it. These all are the Building blocks of TVF.

I wish someday I would be able work with these awesome people. They need scripts which has charming humor with a life changing hidden message. Creating so many wonderful shows is a blessing and I always think that how Arunabh set this image in his mind. It makes me feels like a collection which has all primary colors and many more new colors are going to be added.


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