The Magician’s Gift

While searching for the God, on his sacred land, all that I could find were the magicians. One of them explained me their tricks, perhaps something that even the God can’t do, they claimed.

As I entered inside, the crowd drifted me towards one of the shrines. I joined the queue where devotees were waiting for their turn to obtain the God’s blessings. When I confronted the statue, all I could see was brocade, covering the expensive metals structured as a human, decorated with expensive gems reflecting the light to all over the cella.

‘Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!”

I attuned all my emotions and questions with this hymn and placed them before Krishna but all I received was unsatisfied curiosity. How a man-made creation would answer me about the creator of man?.

Thousands of worshippers dressed differently and hundreds of flags on the top point (Kalash) act like a frame to this amber painted temple land. Amidst the claps, beating drums, loud hymns and the people circling around the temple, I had a glimpse of this magician or Pandit who was wearing saffron cloth; its one end was tied around his waist and other was placed behind the back, crossing his chest. It wasn’t more than a minute when this Pandit was standing next to me holding my palm and studying my future.

He told me that he knows a trick that can cure all my problems and fulfill my wishes.

“But for that, we have God?” I asked innocently to which he answered, “God can’t look after everyone and so we are here for that. You just need to pay whatever amount you wish and then we will do the chants to send your message to him.”

“OK! But he won’t ask me to pay him to fulfill my wishes?” He looked at me in disguise, pushed me aside and made his way to other devotees.

But unknowingly the magicians gave me the answer. We use God as a medium to satisfy our greed and overcoming our fear, someone whom we can ask for our wants and someone who could save us. But all I learned that true god doesn’t lie inside any statues but within us. Salvation is something that one can only achieve if he takes responsibility for his every emotion rather than burdening it down on the God, toils for his goals and controls his avarice.

At Dwarkadhish temple, at a place of immortal belief, these mortal men claim to give life to my every wish. My wish has existence because of me and so my God. And if this story reaches everyone, my wish will be fulfilled and it will be my one step towards my salvation.

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