Orphans, the unread messages

Love someone for whom love is an inexperienced emotion, in return the love you will receive will be completely selfless.’

I wonder that how these little birds grow on their own. Do they deserve the life they live? Life which has a wounded childhood, stress of being lonely with emotion of fear acts as acid on their soft hearts. It is always told to them that they were abandoned because they are unwanted and this leads to misery, inferiority complex and even depression sometimes at such an early stage of life when understanding of emotions is not even completely develop.

There are many taboos in India because of which these children suffer such as giving birth to a girl and leave her to die on the basis of her gender as birth of a girl child is still unwanted at many places, child before marriage is considered illegitimate even though the crime is not his and to avoid any kind of obloquy, his own family turns him into a orphan. Sometimes it also happens not because of taboos but because of the circumstances about which nothing could be done. They might have had gotten separated from their family, might have had a family but not alive now and what could be said about the people who lack money to nurture their kids. We can’t blame them and if anybody blames them then he should take the responsibility of that child.

“Well not my child so why should I take care of him?”

No crime is committed in the above statement but yes, a act which would not have harmed in anyway was not committed and whose reward could be a successful life of someone. This generates one more taboo in Indian society which if removed then other taboos will become ineffective however, even they should also be removed.

The taboo of not adopting a orphan by putting a tag of someone else’ sin and everyone around always prefer to have his own blood as his own child. My child! My son! My daughter! My blood! Why? What difference it will make if the child is not born from your womb? Only one that face won’t resemble to yours but it will make a big difference in his life. It will be like a lottery to him and the prize he gets is a far better life.

There are 140 million children in the world who are orphans out of which 20 million are in India. The main reason behind this is poverty as I had mentioned before. Among this 140 million children, many face death and many face torture and oppressions through crimes such as child trafficking, sexual exploitation, child labor, organ selling and I don’t know what else would be there and it could be stopped easily.

In India around 20 million people are infertile in India, if these people instead of using money on costly medicines and expensive treatment, use it in the welfare of 1 child then he will find the family and they will find someone whom they can call theirs, someone whom they could have their side whenever needed and someone who will assuage their thirst, if they call him their own.


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