India’s top 10 places for your Bachelor Trip!

Well, when life starts changing and parents begin their search for your ideal spouse, it’s your time to back your bags and get out before responsibilities get in to get you. Call it a last travel as a bachelor or a bachelor trip, gather your bachelor friends and create a memory which will be the souvenir that will remind you that these were one of your best days.


Goa tops the list! It lives in every bachelor’s mind because Goa means B3: booze, Beach and beauty! Especially at the time of New Year when music beats will lift you to sky and even Goa woops like it’s also drunk. I know that it sounds expensive, boozing, cruise and New Year Party but come on it’s your bachelor trip!

BIKE HIKE TO LEH AND LADAKH: A drive on Marsimik La

Everyone knows about this and the people who have Royal Enfield are already excited. This tour is for bike lovers. Discovering mountains is the best way to say goodbye to your bachelorhood. Camp in the valleys, sing the songs and remember about the good memories you have made with your buddies. If I talk about Marsikim La, it is highest moterable pass, 96 km away from Leh (please note: Khardung La is consider wrongly as highest road and many tour companies operate the trip to Khardung La). The tours generally starts from Delhi.

RAFTING IN RISHIKESH: Where adventure comes with spirituality

Rishikesh is a part of ’Chaar Dhaam Yatra’ and it is also well known for its rafting adventure. Here, just pray to god to keep you alive, move up to Bhagirathi River and Raft down 150 km with feelings of fear and joy accompanied by slangs which actually make this trip special with your cronies.

LET’S RELAX IN UDAIPUR: Heritage hotels and lake view

Udaipur is actually known as honeymoon destination but who says that on your bachelor trip, you can’t please yourself with royal services and calming effect of lake. Boating in evenings in lake Pichola decorated with the reflection of Palace Lights and after that drinking with background music of genre sufi or ghazal while enjoy company of your best buddies.

A TRADITIONAL NIGHT IN JAISALMER: A sleep among sand dunes

What? Traditional night? With friends? Well guys, just trust me it is not like what you must be thinking. Jaisalmer have tried its best to preserve and has kept Rajasthan’s treasure of tradition alive. A camel safari overlook the sea of sand with evening sunset, Traditional dance shows which would be the soul of your trip and next day dune bashing to discover Thar. I think it’s the most contenful trip that a group could do in 2 days.

SKYDIVING IN MYSORE: Bhai mai udd raha hu!

Mysore provides the best skydiving location with breathtaking scenic views of Chamundi Hills. You all can dive one after another or can do tandem skydiving with one buddy! The freefall and the scream, the experience when you finally fly with your friends which is not just an effect of weed but reality.

WATER SPORTS AT ANDAMAN: bhai mai dub raha hu!

Do you still remember when you were a teenager and your best friends threw you in water at pool parties, now it’s the time to take revenge and on a bigger scale. Water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing and many more will build a memory filled of thrilling experiences and best photographs.

CAVING IN MEGHALAYA: let’s see what’s inside!

Caving is an adventure sport that has not developed much in India yet. If you want to do something thrilling and unexplored then this is your call. It may not look like a bachelor trip to live in cave for 10 days but one view of these caves will make you familiar with its riches.

BENGALURU’S NIGHT LIFE: let’s get drunk

Bengaluru has a youthful crowd and because of this many clubs have been opened in recent years. Well, if it’s your bachelor trip then you deserve to have the best shots and dance on the music of best DJS. Apart from this if you want to make your way to other destinations as Nanda Hills and Croog, they are near to this city.

GET CHILLS IN KODAIKANAL LITERALLY: Submerge in the Gift of Forest

Kodaikanal is the best hill station with exotic touch of South India. Well, this bachelor trip will never go wrong if all among your squad loves nature. If you wish to learn more about this place then have a look on article written by Pragya Arya, A Place Worth Second Trip: Kodaikanal.

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