Gadgets which will make your long distance relationship, long lasting

Relationships are so pleasing until it doesn’t become a long distance. After that no match in timings, misunderstandings and fear of losing your partner take place of quality time you both used to have, the trust and the bond you share. But why let this physical distance allow creating a distance between hearts? Practically people end the relationships as it is hard to work out and nobody wants to experience the suffering which they might face after long distance. It is told that human emotions are depleting with time but science is working hard to prove it untrue. There are many gadgets which science has developed, which will make you long distance relationship, long lasting.

Just move your lips with Kissenger

This is a kissing device for people who are in long distance. It transmits your lips movement to another kissenger, record their response and send it back to you.

Stay connected even while you both sleep: Pillow talk

Pillow talk is one of the most innovative gadgets, used simple presence of mind to create such connecting gadget. They inform you whenever your partner goes to sleep as the wrist ring which comes with pillow talk starts glowing. When you press your ear against your pillow, you can also hear your partner’s heartbeat.

Hug shirt

This shirt allows you to hug anyone you want, anywhere in the world. This shirt gets connected with your phone and whenever anybody send you a virtual hug, it replicates its pressure, heartbeat and warmth.


Lovense is a gadget which has made long distance sex possible. It comes in pair and obviously one is for male partner and another for female. They are actually, sex toys which record the response of the partner’s sex toy and provide motion according to it.

Distance relationship lamps

There are many different kinds of simple technologies which are used in this kind of lamp. It glows whenever it is touched by your partner and you can do the same. Instead if touch, some lamp have used the breathe to glow the lamp.

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