Traveling India: Let’s Be Safe

This is an Instant post that I am writing after getting frustrated by the news that I am listening again and again. The title “Incredible India” has already been dissolved because of the problems that foreigners face in India. It would be ok if I replace the word problem with the word crime. Its highly unfortunate that whenever any tourist comes to India, they have an image of a country full of heritage, cuisines and different cultures but many of them take back a image that the country is full of creeps, thiefs and uncivilized people.

I don’t know what steps government will be taking against these people and how strictly rules will be followed. The feeling that “it’s not my land” stops any foreigner to take steps against these people. Well, I can’t say about the government but if you wish to travel India will a free mind feeling safe, I am here to assist you. This is the step that I can take from my side for my country and for the people who are bringing pleasure to us by visiting India.

If you face any problem during travel, need any kind of assistance or help during your travel, before that or even after completing your travel you can contact me. If you wish to have a safe travel all I can to do is to travel along with you providing you safe, time efficient and burden free travel.

And yes, it’s true that there could be trust issues even against me and for that you are free to judge me by contacting me.

For any assistance, you can ping me on my Email freely and I will surely reply to you. I will try to solve any problem that you are facing in any city of India.

Please visit India, it’s an adorable country with some uncivilized people who have no value for their birthplace. I ensure you that your privacy won’t be harmed and in the end you will surely recieve a bag full of memories and good stories 🙂

Please feel free to contact