Beach or Hill Station ?

Nature gives us whatever we ask for. It is a function of time and space and with their change; different forms of nature are generated. From long stretched beaches to moon touching mountains, everything is unique and quirky. 

Sometimes when we Plan for a weekend trip (short trip), we get confuse that should we isolate ourselves from the world among the chilled winds or should we get out and run inside the endless water. But what if there is no need of selection? What if we can enjoy these both forms of nature in just one trip? It would be better, right? Well, In India there are 5 such destination combinations which fulfill this requirement.

Pondicherry and Yercaud

Pondicherry is at a distance of 155 km from Chennai which is well connected to every part of India. From Chennai its best to hire a car which will provide you the best sea side view along it’s way and has the best road (SH 49) by which takes 3 hours 30 minutes to reach Pondicherry. Pondicherry is known for its exotic beaches. Pondicherry is also a destination for scuba diving lovers. Two most famous beaches here are Promenade and Paradise beach. Because it’s a union territory, you can get cheaper alcoholic drinks and enjoy boozing.

Rock beach, Pondicherry

Yercaud is just 235 KM away from Pondicherry and by a drive of 4 hours 30 minutes (SH 38- SH 38) one can make it there. Its specialty is hidden in its name which means Lake Forest. Yercuad is known for its tea and coffee plantation which were introduced in 1820s. Servarayan Temple is the highest point in Yercaud and a must visit and for nature lovers there is always a call from Kiliyur Falls.

Yercaud city overview

Alappuzha and Munnar

Kerela ranked 7th among the Indian states with the number of 6,60,000 tourists in 2010. This coastal state is blessed with a number of hills stations such as Munnar, Thekkady, Wayand and many more and has a coast line of 580KM. The most popular hill station considered is Munnar which is 285 km from Trivandrum. One can go to Alappuzha first (NH 66) which is 160 KM away from Trivandrum. Alappuzha is famous for Kayaking which is not thrilling but relaxing which makes this kayaking destination different from other kayaking destinations in India. Marari beach situated at a distance of 14 KM from Alappuzha famous for coconut palm trees and it’s golden sand. Vembanad, the largest lake in kerela is also admired.

Marati beach, Alappuzhu

From Alappuzhu you can go to Munnar via kochi (NH 66 and then further continue to NH 85) to reach Munnar. Munnar, the land of spices is a complete nature package. The best places to visit here are Kundula Dam Lake, Lakkan Waterfalls, Top Station (Kannan Devan Hills). Munnar is also a shopping destination where you can buy aromatic oils, tea, coffee, spices, homemade chocolates and handmade greeting cards.

Tea gardens, Munnar

Daman and Saputara

Saputara is a sole hill station in the Gujarat which attract around 3,00,000 tourist (domestic and foreign ). It is because of the religious pilgrimages present near saputara such as Dwarka, Somnath and other Jain Temples. Saputara is 400 km from Ahemdabad and 160 KM from Surat. When you reach Surat you have a choice of either going to Daman (NH 48) or else Saputara (NH 360). Hiking and camping tours are also organized by invincible NGO. The must visit places to visit are Saputara Lake, Gira Waterfalls and Sunset Point.

Saputara lake

From Saputara, one can reach Daman in just 3 and half hours by driving 160 KM so it’s possible to have a cozy night on Saputara and after that booze with ocean winds on the following night. A large number of tourists come here from Gujarat as it’s the nearest place for them to booze.

Sunset at Daman 

Goa and Amboli

It will be wrong if Goa is compared with any other seaside destinations. Not only domestic but it also attracts a large number of foreign tourists (12% of total foreign tourists in India) and tourism Industry contributes a major part in Goa’s GDP. Goa is famous for its night life, beaches, booze and parties. One can also enjoy water sports like scuba diving, surfing etc here. 

Goa! Goa!

From Goa, drive in the north to the south Mahatrastra and after 120 km (from central goa) you will be in Amboli (NH 66). Amboli is a less developed and there is not much to do but because it is unexplored till now, it is less polluted and quiet and best to remove the tiredness generated in Goa. Otherwise Amboli waterfall is worthy of one visit on a leisure day.

Way to Shri Hiranyakeshwar Temple, Amboli

Puri and Daringbadi

Jagannath rath yatra, Puri

Puri is situated at a distance of 63 Km from odisha’s capital, Bhubneswar and has a well developing tourism industry. It is not mainly known for beaches and its more of a heritage city . The old Jagannath Temple is a major heritage site and a large number of people engage in Jagannath Rath Yatra held every year. It is also famous for its sand art and appliqué craft items. 

Travel towards west and a little south for 250 Km to reach Daringbadi. Like many other Southern hill stations in coastal states, this hill station is also underated and hence not much information is available about it. Mainly Medubani Waterfall, Patudi Waterfall, coffee gardens and pine forests are major attractions. It’s is a safe and economical destination for nature lovers in Odisha.



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