SMOKE- A Friend Or Enemy

There was chill inside me, so I started burning myself.

A breeze of heat formed making the ice melt.

The melted ice came out of my eyes,

Emotions turned into motivation, powered me to fight.


-sounds around me, 

         Once noises, now music.

-thoughts in my mind

         Once shallow, now deep.

-feelings in my heart

         Once dead, now inspiring.

-words in my voice

         Once dull, now shining.


         you deleted all my heartache.


         you let me forget all the world’s crap.



          You kill my body, 

          Why do you do so, if you want to help me?
Yes, You kill my body but love my heart, 

You destroy me, yet you have become my part.

I puff and cough but no one is able to stop me…

My mind feels gliss but my lungs,

They cry in agony.


Dear smoke, just tell me one thing,

Are you my friend or my mortal enemy?

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