Feminism-Egalitarianism Or supremacism?

​”Call me a Feminist if you talk about equality, call me a Anti-Feminist if you prefer dominance.”

A word which have become a crusade against the Enormity and tyranny of society upon women. Why I  blamed the society, not the men? Because it’s the dogma which have been wrong. We can’t eat raw rice, so we cook it but when it gets overcooked, it gets burn. The times are changing but it need to be stopped somewhere otherwise situation will get burn, it have already have started. I am not saying that there is no ‘raw rice’, still there are people who think woman are lower then man, still that belief is alive somewhere. Even if they know it’s not true, their vainglorious attitude don’t allow them to accept this fact. 

If we talk about the crimes, rape is the fourth most common crime and large number of cases of Dowry , domestic violence and women harassment are recorded every year. The government have tried it’s best to provide rectitude to victims of such daunting offences but with the increase of this crimes, the number if false crimes are also increasing. 

“oh my god!  24923 rapes in 2012 and 98% of them are committed by SOMEONE KNOWN BY VICTIM. These men they are turning into savages.” That’s what we all hear nowadays but there are many feminist communities which rise and show endorsement to whoever needs but what? Wait a second! “53.2% of rape cases were found to be false filed between April 2013 to July 2014 in Delhi,” says DCW (Delhi commission of women) and it should also be stated that acquittal rate in Delhi was 78% in 2013 which is 22% more then what was in 2012.This is not only about Delhi but in whole India special laws for welfare of women are misused. So what should we say now? Every men is not innocent. Yes, its true but providing a blind support to someone in the name of Feminism can lead to humiliation, misery and distress to innocent whose dignity and honour can never be restored. 

             Out of all Dowry cases 92610, in 10193 it were chicane but the man and his parents (if living with there son and daugther-in-law) can be put behind bars by just one FIR by accuser without having any proof against them under section 498A of IPC. Woman’s right activist have been vociferously opposed any amendments in it by giving argument that this law is strength that several economically dependent and helpless woman have against dowry harassment. But what about 10193 people and there families? This false accusations are actually a black spot and shame to sisterhood that there are women who use there power in this way and also get away with it. A true Feminist is one who try to find a way for women equality without trying to destory a candid person’s life. There is no laws made against male harassment but we know, it exist.

      If we middle class urban citizens see around us, condition of women have improved significantly. If we talk about education 45.9% of total students applied for undergraduate programme are women, 40.5% of PHD students are women now. Development is there, country is advancing. Similarly, in corporate sectors, IT department and also in research field, women are contributing equally to men.

         Why to be a Feminist if you have can work for development for everyone? There are not just females who are not educated, not just male who commit crimes against the opposite gender, even a child marriage is not just about a female, it obviously also have effect on  a male. Yes she may move to a another house and not treated like a own family member but having a child and taking care of her wife becomes a responsibility at such a young age which leads to distress and confusion. So just don’t be a Feminist, be a person who is against child marriage, don’t just act and run when a female become a victim of harassment, be a person who is against harassment. Work against crime not against gender. It will not do anything more then dividing us.

   ‘I will open a door for girl, it’s my way of showing courtesy which she can feel in my care, she cooks for me, it’s her way of showing me her love which I can feel in her efforts.’ Making love with her or him, something which bounds you, not only she but also he can deny or accept doing it for his or her happiness respectively. Both have right to be possessive, right to know where she is and with whom if it’s unusual, both can provide equal space to each other.

    There will always be something which we need to do for each other, we need each other, don’t make feminism, a war between gender.That’s all I want to say to every Feminist.

 Man and woman are like day and night,

When they work together, they generate life.

A day alone will burn it,

and night alone will freeze it.

That’s why they rotate around each other,

Proving that they equally matter.

23 thoughts on “Feminism-Egalitarianism Or supremacism?

    1. Hello from Alberta, Canada … Lovely blog U got here, my new friend Priyesh … and thought provoking too … and th nks for stopping at my blog(s) as well … smiles … Love, cat.

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  1. Well I agree that the laws are being misused, but what made those “easily accessible” laws came into practice?
    I consider myself a feminist, and it’s not about female liberation or competing with men. I fight for the little things in life, not for attaining female supremacy!
    By the way, there’s nothing against the article, I enjoyed reading it!

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    1. You know actully if you see rapes and harassment cases are more in rural and probably many are unreported that’s what I feel bad about and that frauds are taking advantage and the people who require this laws can’t. And this article is actually inspired from a village near my city.. there a woman openned a girls school upto 10th and there was actually only one other co-ed school upto 5th. So you got it right what I want to convey.. ..😅

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  2. As the comment above said, I too consider myself a feminist. But only because I vouch for equal right for all. No supremacy intended.
    Your burnt rice example was pretty spot on though. I also took it to mean the fact that sometimes people go overboard. Especially with the political correctness and ease with which they’re offended.
    All in all an interesting read :3

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  3. I think respecting each other is good enough start to a better world. Anyone on Earth deserves that. Being Feminist has become a fashion now and everywhere(politics,fashion,media,advertising etc) it is used very well.

    Love your fresh approach and beautiful ending poem.


  4. I’ve learned that there are different kinds of feminist now days. You have the ones that hate men and want nothing to do with them other than destroy them and then you have the ones like me (believe it or not, there are way more women who believe how I do compared to the other). Feminism started as a fight for women to gain equal rights and to be seen as an equal to a man. It started for women to have the right to vote and fair wages as well as the right to work period and not be seen as just a house maid or the property of her husband. Feminism was never meant to downgrade men. I believe that today feminism stands for equality for all. Men and women both are feminist not just women. If you stand for equal rights to all then you are technically a feminist.
    Rape, it does go both ways for sure! I actually wrote about this in my article. A man can be raped as well as a women and it should be taken very seriously. I agree there are women who falsely accuse a man of rape and they should be charged and held accountable for that. One of the biggest problems we have in the United States is that most women will not report a rape. And if they decide to report it a few weeks later, the evidence is gone. Women are scared to report rape because of the hell they are dragged through. For instance, the Brock Turner case. There was a ton of evidence and eye witnesses to prove he did in fact rape a woman. She was asked ridiculous questions by the defense to try to make her look like a whore. He was found guilty by a jury but then only sentenced 6 months in jail because, “Too much jail time would ruin his life.”
    Feminism is an idea of freedom and equality for everyone. I hope one day that we can see this idea come to life.

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    1. You are soo true… Not only in USA but everywhere in the world this happens. If I talk about my country, in india urban rape cases are reported in a significant percentage but not the rural once. Not because they are afraid, that’s not even the first reason. They lack knowledge that how to put there voice and hence no justice is served to them. I hope and surely work for it but I don’t thing acts like ‘Go Topless Day’ in USA will work. Something more serious acts like laws in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Afganistan and Egypt of ending the life for rape of someone is wrong. You can’t make everyone good, bad will exist and the only way to stop them is to scare them.
      Thanks for giving your valuable time in reading my article and giving your review. 🙂


      1. I agree, that some things we do here are not going to make a difference. The “Slut walk” as people here like to call it, is something women do to try to make awareness of rape and to let others know that they are not alone. While I agree, that’s not going to fix the general problem, it can help some survivors get the help that they need. I do believe that issues like this need a lot more attention by our governments.
        I hope that the women in your country can get the knowledge that they need to be able to come forward if something horrible like that happens to them.

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    1. And currently I am writing a post related to that. 🙂
      Thanks for reading my article, I will surely visit the blog + let me know if I could contribute in your NGO in anyway by taking part in it


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