SMOKE- A Friend Or Enemy

There was chill inside me, so I started burning myself.

A breeze of heat formed making the ice melt.

The melted ice came out of my eyes,

Emotions turned into motivation, powered me to fight.


-sounds around me, 

         Once noises, now music.

-thoughts in my mind

         Once shallow, now deep.

-feelings in my heart

         Once dead, now inspiring.

-words in my voice

         Once dull, now shining.


         you deleted all my heartache.


         you let me forget all the world’s crap.



          You kill my body, 

          Why do you do so, if you want to help me?
Yes, You kill my body but love my heart, 

You destroy me, yet you have become my part.

I puff and cough but no one is able to stop me…

My mind feels gliss but my lungs,

They cry in agony.


Dear smoke, just tell me one thing,

Are you my friend or my mortal enemy?


A panoramic view of Udaipur

Its a irony that Udaipur, city of Lakes situated in the Desert state, Rajasthan. Also, famous for its beautiful landscapes and architecture because of which many hollywood and bollywood movies and TV shows were filmed here. One remarkable movie filmed here was James Bond film Octopussy. Also, Udaipur have a decent climate, best suited time is from oct-dec and jan-april. 
Well, this article will prove that udaipur is best weekend gateway that one should not miss.

Easily Accessible
One can easily reach Udaipur from Mumbai or Delhi by direct flight or train which costs around 6.5k and 4k for a round trip respectively from any of the city. Except this, Udaipur is well connected with buses from any part of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and from any other major city. 

Maha Rana Pratap Airport, Udaipur

A Touch of Royalty and Best Hospitality of Luxury Hotels.
A Rajasthani Turban,

Polite gestures,

Scenic beauty of heritage hotels,

That’s how you will be welcomed in udaipur.

Udaipur’s heritage luxury hotels ranks on the topmost hotels in world. Taj Lake Palace was ranked best hotel in 2015 by Travel and Leisure magzine. Situated on the island in lake Pichhola, one can see water turns golden when sunlight falls on it. Hotel Udaivilas and Leela palace are not far behind in there hospitality. Other average bugdeg hotels like Hotel The amagadh udaipur and Hotel Laken are also best suited.

Taj Lake palace

Hotel Oberoi Udaivilas

Hotel Leela Palace

Well! Udaipur is called city of Lakes for a reason. Udai Sagar lake was build in 1565 by Maharana Udai Singh and so named as Udaisagar. 

Udai Sagar Lake in Monsoon

            The other well know lake is Fateh Sagar lake which is known as best leisure place, Moti magri and Neemuch Mata temple are situated on Lake’s strand provide best view of city and The Fateh Sagar Lake during morning and evening time. 

A unique sunset at Fatehsagar Lake


Moti Magri at bank of Fateh Sagar Lake


 A evening view from Neemuch Mata Temple 

      Lake Pichola named after Picholi village is the heart of udaipur, the oldest and the best. On the both sides of lake “Ghats” are present (steps) where traditional festival of Gangaur is celebrated. Also, one can enjoy Jagannath Rath Yatra on auspicious day of Ashadha Shukla Paksha Dwitiya (second day in bright fortnight of Ashadha month) here.  The evening voice of water splashing against your boat is a remarkable pleasure.

Lake Pichola during day and night

Badi Lake- this lake is situated in outskirts of udaipur near monsoon Palace. This place is best suited if you are searching for a place with less public and noise and more peace.

A view of Badi Lake from hill top

Sprlirituality and Architecture.
Jagdish temple– located in old udaipur near Pichola lake is a 350 years old. This is three-storied temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is a wonder of architecture that comprises beautifully carved pillars, decorated ceilings, painted walls and lush halls. In those times, 1.5 million rupees were spent to raise this structure. The spire of the main temple is around 79 feet high that undoubtedly dominates the skyline of Udaipur.

Jagdish Temple and it’s aechitecture

Kesariya Ji Temple– it is located at 66 km away and the closest railway station is kesariya ji railway station, 11 km away from temple.The temple is very artistic. Its pinnacles, arches, doors, walls are very artistic, beautiful and fascinating. The fifty two pinnacles of the temple are seen from a long distance. A must visit for people who look for ldestinations of Spirituality and architecture.

Kesriya Ji Temple entrance

Not just Lakes, but Udaipur is also a city of Palaces.  Architecture, Mapping and the decoration of Udaipur Palaces ia something you will never find anywhere apart from here. 

City Palace– It was nearly build around 400 years ago located at the east bank of Lake Pichola. A fusion of Rajasthan and Mughal architectural style providing a panoramic view of city.

 A view of Udaipur from City Palace

Monsoon Palace– It is popularly known as Sajjan Garh Palace is build with white marble situated on Bansdara peak of Aravali mountain range. It is located at a distance of 6 km from rani road side of Fateh Sagar( right side road).

Monsoon arriving at Monsoon Palace

Rajasthani Food.
Udaipur have a number of restaurants mostly situated in banks of lakes, pleasing the eyes and tongue at the same time. Some of the best restaurants for Rajasthani food are 1556 AD, Upre, Hari garh and Tribute Restaurant.

1556 AD Restaurant near Lake Pichola

Dal-Baati is the main rajasthani food. Other then this Churma, Besan gatta, Ker sangri vegetable, Keri paani (Raw Mango Juice), Kadi, Chaach and Besan Ladoo are generally served.

A well served Rajasthan Thaal


– In places like Haathi Pol, Bada Bazaar, Chetak Cirle of Udaipur, you can buy beautifully carved wooden toys, finely made clothes lantern, hand-made papers and recycled greetings cards, handmade furniture, wall-hangings and the distinguished hanging puppets of traditional dressed men and women that became synonymous with Rajasthan. 

Paintings– If someone is passionate about interior decoration and consider that a beautiful painting can change the whole vibe of a room, then Udaipur is the place to be. Traditional paintings of Rajasthan like the Pichwai paintings, the Phad paintings, and Rajasthan miniature paintings are sold at negotiable prices; especially in Haathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur.

Handicraft and painting shop near Hathi Pole

Road Trip To Offbeat Places.
Small road trips around udaipur under the bright sun with cold breeze on highways like polished skin are most wanted. 

Jaisamand– It is the largest artificial lake in Asia build in 1685 by Maharana Jai Singh. It is 45 KM away from udaipur and one can easily reach here through Udaipur-Baswara highway.

Jaisamand lake and Roothi Rani Palace on top

Ranakpur Jain Temple– Ranakpur Jain temple is situated at 91 km far denoted to Lord Rishabdev. Its known for its spectacular architecture.

Experience endless spirituality at Ranakpur Jain temple 

Kumbhalgarh Fort – The highly precious fort which was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2013 including other 5 forts of Rajasthan. It has a wall stretched 38 km, second longest wall after great wall of china.

Kumbhalgarh Fort touching the sky

Haldigathi Museum–  Haldigathi is a mountain pass located 40km from udaipur is a major historic site where the battle between Maha Rana Pratap and Mugal emperor, Akbar. It is named Haldi Gathi due to the yellow coloured soil found there. Museum contains belongings of Maharana pratap, weapon of war, a short film on this battle is also shown. If you are interested in Historic battles and heroic deeds, it’s a must visit place.

 A statue of Maha Rana Pratap on his horse, Chetak fighting with mughal emperor, Akbar 

One can travel Kumbhal garh, Ranakpur and Haldigathi in one day by following this plan-

Udaipur to Haldigathi– through NH27(45kM total, 20 km inside).

haldigathi to kumbhalgarh– through NH51(51 KM total).

Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur-  19KM on south west of kumbhal Garh fort road on kumbhalgarh road and then turn right RJ SH 32

Ranakpur to udaipur – 44 km(RJ ST32), 38KM (NH27)

Experience the relaxation, royalty, taste and art of Udaipur. Don’t miss it, start planing now. 🙂

भारतीय सेना को सलाम!

18 सितंबर, 2016, भारत के इतिहास में एक ओर रंजीदा दिन लिखा गया। उरी में हुए हमले में 19 भारतीय सैनिक इस दिन शहीद हुए। ऐसे लाखो सैनिक भारत माँ के लिए अपनी जान कुर्बान करते आये है। ऐसे वीरो को सादर नमन, सलाम।
छोड़ आया वो परिवार को,

घर को, अपने प्यार को,

सूरज था वो जल गया।

कर्म कहकर कर गया।
मर मिटने को तैयार वो,

दुश्मन थे काले बादल, था पहाड़ वो,

बादल पहाड़ देख रुक गया।

बरसा जो वो तो टूट गया|
हैं चेन की जंन्द का कारण जो,

निःस्वार्थ वीरता का उदाहरण जो,

देश को अपना बोल जो अपनों से बिछड़ गया।

शहीद वो वीरगति को प्राप्त कर गया।


These lustful ghosts turned me into a corpse,

They ate my soul as they punched me from the inside

They dug my heart as they filled my holes,

With every punch my soul bled and cried.

With tears, dark blooded,

Which were suppressed by their rapture.

When I tried to move out from their lust, they scudded.

At last I released myself and let them capture.
They gave me a new life by making me dead,

There is now a soul inside me, so I should be happy or sad?

But that soul was too heavy.

So I turned it into one like me

So now it is a corpse too and dead literally.
I never wake up as I never sleep.

I never eat as I never get hungry.

I never love, now I don’t have a heart for it.

All what is left is fear….

Of these ghosts.

All what is left is fear…

That what if I become a better corpse

Feminism-Egalitarianism Or supremacism?

​”Call me a Feminist if you talk about equality, call me a Anti-Feminist if you prefer dominance.”

A word which have become a crusade against the Enormity and tyranny of society upon women. Why I  blamed the society, not the men? Because it’s the dogma which have been wrong. We can’t eat raw rice, so we cook it but when it gets overcooked, it gets burn. The times are changing but it need to be stopped somewhere otherwise situation will get burn, it have already have started. I am not saying that there is no ‘raw rice’, still there are people who think woman are lower then man, still that belief is alive somewhere. Even if they know it’s not true, their vainglorious attitude don’t allow them to accept this fact. 

If we talk about the crimes, rape is the fourth most common crime and large number of cases of Dowry , domestic violence and women harassment are recorded every year. The government have tried it’s best to provide rectitude to victims of such daunting offences but with the increase of this crimes, the number if false crimes are also increasing. 

“oh my god!  24923 rapes in 2012 and 98% of them are committed by SOMEONE KNOWN BY VICTIM. These men they are turning into savages.” That’s what we all hear nowadays but there are many feminist communities which rise and show endorsement to whoever needs but what? Wait a second! “53.2% of rape cases were found to be false filed between April 2013 to July 2014 in Delhi,” says DCW (Delhi commission of women) and it should also be stated that acquittal rate in Delhi was 78% in 2013 which is 22% more then what was in 2012.This is not only about Delhi but in whole India special laws for welfare of women are misused. So what should we say now? Every men is not innocent. Yes, its true but providing a blind support to someone in the name of Feminism can lead to humiliation, misery and distress to innocent whose dignity and honour can never be restored. 

             Out of all Dowry cases 92610, in 10193 it were chicane but the man and his parents (if living with there son and daugther-in-law) can be put behind bars by just one FIR by accuser without having any proof against them under section 498A of IPC. Woman’s right activist have been vociferously opposed any amendments in it by giving argument that this law is strength that several economically dependent and helpless woman have against dowry harassment. But what about 10193 people and there families? This false accusations are actually a black spot and shame to sisterhood that there are women who use there power in this way and also get away with it. A true Feminist is one who try to find a way for women equality without trying to destory a candid person’s life. There is no laws made against male harassment but we know, it exist.

      If we middle class urban citizens see around us, condition of women have improved significantly. If we talk about education 45.9% of total students applied for undergraduate programme are women, 40.5% of PHD students are women now. Development is there, country is advancing. Similarly, in corporate sectors, IT department and also in research field, women are contributing equally to men.

         Why to be a Feminist if you have can work for development for everyone? There are not just females who are not educated, not just male who commit crimes against the opposite gender, even a child marriage is not just about a female, it obviously also have effect on  a male. Yes she may move to a another house and not treated like a own family member but having a child and taking care of her wife becomes a responsibility at such a young age which leads to distress and confusion. So just don’t be a Feminist, be a person who is against child marriage, don’t just act and run when a female become a victim of harassment, be a person who is against harassment. Work against crime not against gender. It will not do anything more then dividing us.

   ‘I will open a door for girl, it’s my way of showing courtesy which she can feel in my care, she cooks for me, it’s her way of showing me her love which I can feel in her efforts.’ Making love with her or him, something which bounds you, not only she but also he can deny or accept doing it for his or her happiness respectively. Both have right to be possessive, right to know where she is and with whom if it’s unusual, both can provide equal space to each other.

    There will always be something which we need to do for each other, we need each other, don’t make feminism, a war between gender.That’s all I want to say to every Feminist.

 Man and woman are like day and night,

When they work together, they generate life.

A day alone will burn it,

and night alone will freeze it.

That’s why they rotate around each other,

Proving that they equally matter.