My BIG Green Friend

You grew and grew, incited me to be unfaltering,
Made me inexorable and my dreams uncompromising.

You were not just a tree,

You were home for many and also my family.

You were my childhood friend,

I still remember swinging on an unused plank

which was tied to your hand.

Once a dog ran after me and I climbed on you,

He couldn’t do the same, I knew.

I plucked your flowers but you never grumbled

I drew on you, I teased you, I played on you but you never got annoyed, you remained humble.

But now where are you my big green friend?

I don’t know why they killed you. These murderers, I will never forgive them.

I sometimes go to the place where you once stood.

Reminiscing the memories of my childhood.

They say now that it is a beautiful place.

But all I can see is your grave.

23 thoughts on “My BIG Green Friend

  1. Hey priyesh!your work is worth appreciation!ur work not only incite good vibes but also spread awareness towards society.this is indeed a good job!kudos!thanxx for sharing!

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  2. its really touching. This reminded me of a granny mango tree we had during my childhood which isn’t there anymore. Also it seemed some similarity of fondness which is usually visible in Ruskin Bond books 🙂 Good one.

    Liked by 1 person

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